Private Workshops

Customized photography experiences designed exclusively for you.

Online Coaching

Would you like post-production help and guidance? Or maybe a portfolio review. If we can discuss it using Zoom then let’s figure it out and get it scheduled. I can also make house calls 🙂

Please contact me and we’ll work out the details.

Pacific NW

On-site guidance and assistance is my specialty. And the Pacific Northwest is my home. 

Please contact me using the form below and we’ll be able to custom craft a photography excursion that will suit your needs.

World Wide

Your dream destination could be your next classroom. I’ve got a passport and I’m ready to travel wherever you want to go. I suggest a minimum of six shooting days for an international itinerary. Tell me where you want to go and we’ll work together to craft a one-of-a-kind photography experience. Use the contact form below and we’ll figure out the particulars.

Additionally, check out my Globetrotter+ program where you can also get lifetime access to Latitude Photography School.

Thoughts on making private workshops a success.

How do I best prepare for something like this?

First off, contact me and we’ll discuss some basic options such as schedule and availability. Then we’ll look at where you have an interest in going or what your goals are and we’ll work to find a way to make it happen.

How much does it cost?

These are customized experiences and I’ll have to collect all the information from you before I can issue a quote. Online coaching starts at $150 for two hours, and is $75 per hour after that.

How long can we plan a trip for?

The longest I can do is three weeks. Please know that no matter the itinerary, I make it a practice to rest and not work (or shoot photos) from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday. We’ll simply accommodate for this as we plan. I find that even when traveling my experience is enhanced when I get the proper rest I need at least once a week.

What risks are involved?

It totally depends on what we do and where we go. Travel to any region has certain risks involved. We’ll discuss those risks as we plan. Please note I will not go to certain regions such as North Korea, Iraq and Afghanistan. There may be other regions as well.

Any Questions?

Please reach out via this contact form and ask away. I’m happy to help with anything I can.