Get ready for two packed days full of shooting, post-production and printing.

(With an emphasis on the post-production and Printing) What could be better? Shooting in the gorgeous Palouse region of Washington state and learning how to make awesome gallery-quality prints from your own photography!


We'll be out and about photographing sunrises and sunsets in this beautiful region.


Today's photography requires work in the computer. I'll teach you my efficient workflow.


We'll finish it off with learning how to make top-quality prints you can be proud of.

Workshop includes:

Additional Information

Links you’ll need for this workshop.

Want to calibrate your screen? Download X-Rite’s i1Profiler software. Be sure to get version 3.1.1. Both Mac and PC options are available at this link. I’ll have my calibrator on site to calibrate the screen of anyone in attendance.

Download the Canon PixmaPro 10 printer driver here for Mac and Windows 10.

Grab the Canson Infinity Paper profiles here for the pro-10. We’ll discuss downloading them and installing them properly as part of the workshop.