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The Beautiful, Dramatic and Rugged

Oregon Coast

August 25–30, 2019

Come to the Oregon Coast where you will

  • Have guided access to the beautiful, dramatic and rugged Oregon Coast.
  • Enhance your landscape photography skills with expert coaching and shared experiences from like-minded photographers.
  • Learn to place more emphasis in getting your image right in-camera to minimize post-processing time.
  • Enhance your abilities to keep post-processing easy.
  • Return home with some gorgeous prints from your adventure.


With six days to shoot, we'll visit the region's best spots for landscape and seascape photography.


The group size is small which allows us to go as deep as you need when we do post-production.


We'll spend the last couple of days getting some excellent prints of your images. Makes great gifts!

Workshop quick facts

  • Center of operations: Bandon, OR.
  • Six days of photography, post-production and printing!
  • All Paper and Ink for on-site printing included!
  • Limit 8 participants

Lodging: I’m staying at Sunset Oceanfront Lodging. Just click the link or call them. 1-541-347-2453.

Transportation: Please plan to provide or arrange your own transportation. The plan will be to carpool as we head out on our daily excursions. I’ll put you all in touch as we get closer to the date.

Photographic and Travel Expertise: You’ll get six days of instruction/coaching by me, Brent Bergherm. I’ve been teaching photography for 12 years at Walla Walla University and I have a Master’s degree in Digital Photography. I love teaching and will be thrilled to help you achieve more in your photographic endeavors.

Location Specific Information: I’ll send you a PDF document before the workshop starts. It’ll have a list of location ideas and descriptions and a map. We likely won’t get to all of these spots though, and we will be paying attention to the weather and going up and down the coast according to what the weather is doing. If you plan to explore on your own before or after the workshop this will be a valuable document 🙂

Small Group: With a limit of 8 attendees you’re virtually guaranteed some quality time with me and the other attendees. We will get to know each other pretty well given how much time we’ll be spending together.

Physical Requirements: All locations are accessible by passenger vehicle. However, some of the locations will require walking/hiking on muddy trails and there will be some areas along rather steep ledges. At least one of the locations might be considered “bushwhacking” since the trail is overgrown with a bit with shrubs. There will not be any significant climbing or strenuous hiking.

Computer Requirements: You’ll want to bring a computer with WiFi capabilities and a professional image editing application such as Photoshop, Lightroom, CaptureOne, OnOne or others. I am most versed in the Mac operating system with Lightroom and Photoshop. But the principles will certainly apply to other software applications.

Paper, Ink and the Printer: This workshop is special since it includes a printing component. We’ll talk about all the details from color spaces to properly loading ICC profiles, plus, you’ll get to print and make exquisite art from your photographs. They’ll make an excellent gift! The workshop fee includes plenty of paper and ink for you to print and practice with a few different types of paper.

General Thoughts: This is a full-schedule experience. We’ll be out long hours shooting late and taking advantage of the moonless sky for night (astro) photos, weather permitting. We’ll use the middle of the day to relocate to other spots as necessary.

Sunday, August 25

Meet and Greet: We’ll gather at my Airbnb (or the hotel) for a meet and greet at about 3:00 p.m. We’ll quickly head out to a local restaurant for a late lunch/early supper and discuss the plans over some good food. Then we’ll head out for sunset. If it’s clear, we’ll want to stay out for some Milky Way and star photos.

Monday & Tuesday; August 26, 27

Sunrises: There’s some great spots in the Bandon/Coos Bay area that make for great sunrises. We’ll plan to stay generally close for morning sessions so we don’t have to drive so much to get in position for sunrise.

Sunsets: Unless it’s hurricane force winds we’ll be heading out for great seascape sunsets. We may be heading back kinda late since we’ll look for Milky-way and star trail shots too.

Mid-day: We’ll focus our attention on relocating but if the weather is terrible we’ll do post-processing.

Wednesday August 28

Mid Morning: The plan is to stay out quite late Tuesday evening, so we’ll allow ourselves to catch up with sleep Wednesday morning. We’ll convene with a post-processing session in the morning and we’ll transition to printing in the early afternoon.

Evening: We’ll watch the weather and get out to an awesome spot for some good shots. We might even go snag some waterfalls.

Thursday August 29

Printing: Today is all about printing and more post-processing. However, we’ll play it by ear and be ready to get sunrise (the lighthouse would be great for that) and then get to printing after that.

Mid Afternoon: After another meal we’ll head out again for some more evening shots.

Friday August 30

Photography: We’ll be back at it for one last full-day of photography from sun up to sun down.

The workshop is over at sunset and I’ll be retiring to my bed for some much needed sleep 🙂

Camera stuff: I’ve been shooting professionally for over 20 years. No matter your camera brand I’ll be able to help you maximize your use of that little machine. 

Shooting and post-processing: My go-to motto is to “get it right in camera,” as much as possible. With that said, I do try to keep post-processing to a minimum, but sometimes you just have to go all out. We’ll be talking about the scene as we are shooting and I’ll help you understand how to shoot a scene according to what your end goal is. This may slow us down a bit. And to me, that’s just fine. I’d rather get it right, as much as possible, and focus on the meaning and purpose of the image over a “spray and pray” approach. 

Composition: It’s good to analyze images and understand what works and what doesn’t. We’ll do this both as we’re shooting and afterwards.

Nature: We’ll be photographing seascapes, rivers, streams, maybe a waterfall or two and a whole lot more. We may find some macro opportunities as well.

City/Street photography: We’ll look for good places to stop at fishing villages but our focus will be on the ocean and the landscapes along the coast.

Telling a story: You’ll find me asking you something like “what does this image say?” to you or “what do you want it to say?” to your viewer. Maybe certain images aren’t that strong and don’t live well by themselves, but they work great in a series. Creating a body of work that only you can tell will be our focus. My job is to help you decide what you want to say with your images if you haven’t figured that out already, and then how to best execute that.

Night Photography: Photographing the heavens is magical. We’ll look at star trails and Milky Way images. Bring your fast lenses and an intervalometer if you have one.

Food & Drink: Meals, snacks, drinks, they’re all on your own. I’m a fan of cheap fast food restaurants as it gets us back to shooting or printing more quickly. However, we’ll plan to visit a few of the local restaurants as well. In general, we’ll strive for two meals a day with snacks while we’re out shooting.

I DO plan to provide bottled water!

Entrance Fees: If we go anywhere that requires an entrance fee, it’s on your own.

Lodging: Lodging is not included. I’ll be staying at Sunset Oceanfront Lodging. Just click the link or call them. 1-541-347-2453.

Transportation: Please make arrangements for transportation. I’ll get everyone in touch before the workshop so we can coordinate carpooling. I can take up to three people with me in my Buick, but otherwise we’ll have to go with other transportation provided by participants.

Insurance: Please secure your own travel insurance. Please expect me to ask you to verify your insurance coverage. Both medical and standard travel insurance. What if I have to cancel the trip for some reason? That would stink, but there will be some fees that simply can’t be recouped (such as your airfare) and travel insurance will keep that from being a big issue.

Airfare and other “getting there” transportation: You’ll have to fly or otherwise transport yourself to Bandon, OR.

Miscellaneous: If it’s not on the “included” list above, assume it’s not included in the workshop fee.

Last updated 5-27-19

Airport Pickup: I’ll be happy to pick you up at the Portland Airport on Sunday morning if you land before 10:00 a.m.

Money: Getting cash from an ATM won’t be a problem… so long as you have money in your account 🙂

Camera Gear: As we’ll be “car shooting,” and by that I mean we’ll travel to our destinations in vehicles, feel free to bring all the gear you think you’ll need. However, I always encourage my participants to “go light” or to choose to focus on a certain type of photography. There’s a slight chance we might get to shoot some birds, but the likelihood isn’t that great. Bring your big lens if you want, but you might just end up leaving it in the room.

Pack Light: I’ll be limiting myself to my ThinkTank Photo BackLight 26L (or equivalent sized bag) for all my camera gear while out shooting. All the other stuff can remain in the room as needed.

Medications and safety/health: As we’ll be traveling together I don’t foresee any trouble. Please be thoughtful about your gear at restaurants, trails and such. We don’t want someone walking off with your precious lenses.

Weather: The coast is unpredictable. Please prepare for everything from strong winds to rain. We’ll hope for some clouds and they’ll make the images more interesting.

Anything else: If you have other questions please do let me know. I’ll get them in here as I’m sure others will have them as well. Don’t be shy! 🙂

Non-photographer tag-alongs: Feel free to bring your non-photographer friends or spouse. The coast certainly has something for them as well. However, let’s try and keep shooting time just to our group.

Inclement weather: I tend to not care what the weather is doing, unless it’s a deluge of rain. As said before, the weather on the coast is unpredictable. However, if we’re struck with very bad weather we’ll likely take a break from shooting and get back to processing and printing.

Last updated: 5-27-19

Post-Processing sessions to include exposure blending, printing and more.

Workshop fee includes:

  • Guiding and Instruction
  • Post-Processing Instruction
  • All Paper and Ink for on-site Printing

Additional Information

I’ll create a private Facebook group for communication and photo sharing and review.  You’re encouraged to post images after the shoot for review by me and others. I’ll plan to leave the group open for several months after the tour but we’ll hope to see all review requests submitted within six weeks after the workshop. After that you’re still encouraged to submit images for review, I may not get to them in a timely fashion though 🙂

As we get closer to the workshop please feel free to ask about any equipment or other prep that we can all help out with.

Feel free to stay in any hotel you want in the Bandon area. However, I’m staying at the Sunset Oceanfront Lodging which is really close to Face Rock. Either click on the link or give them a call. They can be called at: 1-541-347-2453.

As needed, I’ll be happy to clean your camera for you on site. I can even teach you how to do it yourself with confidence.

  • There’s just a few stipulations/restrictions that apply to this workshop. They are…

    • Workshop fees are non-refundable unless I’m able to find a replacement in time. I will refund your workshop fees minus a cancellation fee of $75 if a replacement is found. Should you need to cancel and we do find a replacement, I’ll handle everything. I’ll charge them the participation fee and refund you the appropriate amount. I hope it’s not needed, but if you can’t make it, let’s work together to find a replacement for you.
    • Workshop fees only cover instruction, guiding and post-production training. Other costs such as transportation, other entrance fees, transfer fees, airfare or other fees to get to Bandon and the coast are not covered in the workshop fee.
    • Food, drinks and other incidental items are not included.
    • I reserve the right to cancel the workshop and fully refund any fees paid due to unforeseen circumstances. Please be sure you buy insurance. My total liability will only be refunding the fees paid. Unforeseen circumstances include but are not limited to a death in the family, war, act of terror, extreme weather or other natural disaster or other serious issue.
    • Registration Deadline: Sign up by June 16 to receive early bird pricing!
    • Release of Liability. You’ll be asked to sign a form onsite. But also, by purchasing you agree to release me and my heirs, relatives, business associates and others from any liability for any personal injury, death, loss of valuables and safety risks, or any other malady that may occur due to your involvement in this workshop. You agree that you’re aware of the risks travel presents and you’re taking these risks upon yourself. You agree to be fully financially independent for any and all circumstances.
    • Attendees are not vetted before the journey. We will get to know each other via a Facebook group beforehand, but that’s not a substitute for true vetting and getting to really know a person. You understand the risks involved and while I will do all I can to aid and assist with issues that may arise, you agree to hold me and my aforementioned associates harmless due to any interpersonal interactions with fellow attendees and/or anyone we encounter along the way. If you are unwilling to agree to any of these terms listed here please don’t sign up for the workshop.
    • I reserve the right to add to and/or modify or subtract anything on this description page as necessary and without warning. I will notify you if there’s a need to make a change and you’ve already made payment.
    • I will provide one 13×19 printer and all necessary inks and paper for the purposes of this workshop. Limit 8 attendees.

    Last updated 5-27-19

This image is most certainly NOT from the coast 🙂 I just figured I should show you what I’m talking about with the whole “star trails” and astro type shots I’m mentioning above.