Individual Online

Thoughtful guidance to help you grow and strengthen your craft.

Personal Attention Delivers Results

Whether you’re struggling with a concept or technique, or you simply feel you’re not advancing in your photography as you’d like, I’m here to help.

These sessions are effective because we take the time to dig deep and to review and understand what’s happening.

These aren’t one and done solutions. The creative process requires practice and dedication.

If you’re more interested in learning with a group, be sure to check out The Great Outdoors Photography School.

If you value an approach that is customized to your needs, then you’re in the right place 🙂

Schedule a Discovery Call

I’d love to hop online with you for about 15 minutes and discuss your goals or questions you may have. It’s free and easy to do. Just fill out this form and I’ll be in touch soon!

Questions and what to expect out of this program.

Why you? How can you help me improve my photography?

Good question. I’m a photography and design professor at a private university in southeast Washington State. I’ve been teaching for over 15 years and I have a passion for helping others achieve new accomplishments in creativity and photographic expression. I primarily focus on travel and outdoor genres of photography. If your interests lie elsewhere then I’m not your guy.

How do I know I’m ready for an experience like this?

If you’re up for a challenge, this is for you. If you’re willing to put in the work to find greater meaning and purpose in your photography, this is for you.

Also, if you have a clear idea of where you want go do, or an accomplishment you want to achieve, I can help you do that. If you’re unsure, schedule a discovery call and we’ll discuss it, free of charge!

What technical requirements are there?

You’ll need a computer with a fast internet connection and the Zoom videoconferencing app. If you can stream Netflix you’re good to go 🙂

What software do you use/recommend?

I recommend any software that you are comfortable with, so long as it has professional level editing capabilities. I use Adobe products, so Photoshop and Lightroom Classic are my go-to apps. But if you use Lightroom CC, OnOne or CaptureOne I’m sure we’ll be fine. If you use something else please let me know and I’ll do my best to customize my responses for the software you’re using.

We’ll be able to screen share during our sessions, so I’ll be able to see exactly what you’re doing and provide guidance as needed.

What if I can’t make our scheduled time?

Let’s face it, life happens. Please do your best to reach out to me as soon as you know you’ll need to reschedule. However, if you don’t show up within five minutes of our start time I’ll cancel the session and we’ll reschedule. If this happens twice then one session will be forfeited without possibility of refund.

Do you offer a refund policy for these sessions?

I try to be reasonable in these things. If life changes and you can’t fulfill your pre-paid sessions please work with me and we’ll work out a pro-rated refund. A cancellation fee of $50 will apply, the balance will be prorated.

Can I gift these sessions?

Absolutely! Just go ahead and buy it like normal, but then email me the particulars (who the gift is for) and I’ll take care of the rest.

Are my sessions private?

Yes, this is completely private between you and me only. Only under rare and very special and arranged circumstances would I publish the review. You would need to expressly give consent to have the review published by me. I may talk in very general terms about the review process and advice I’ve given folks on my podcasts but I will not release any type of specific identifying information. 

I’m not a travel or landscape photographer. Is this still a good idea?

Probably not. I characterize myself as a “Travel/Outdoor” photographer. If your images fit either of these categories then we will probably be a good fit. If you’re a wedding or portrait/commercial photographer I just don’t think my advice will be very valuable to you.

If you’re a fine art photographer in other genres I imagine we’ll be fine. The best way to tell if this is a good idea is to schedule a discovery call. It’s free and no strings are attached!

What risks are involved?

It’s entirely possible you don’t like my advice or process. You may think I’m way off base. I will do my best to explain where I’m coming from but also, I have years of experience in helping students understand why something isn’t working and how something can be improved. If it doesn’t work out, please reference my refund policy mentioned above.