Date: July 28, 2019, 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

I’m so excited to be heading to Denver this summer!

A special thank you to the Lone Tree Photo Club for hosting this Printing Workshop. Read on below for all the details.

Grab These Downloads

Color calibration software for screen calibration.

i1 Profile, Mac or PC.

ICC Profiles for the paper we’ll be using:

for Canon Pixma Pro-10 (pigment)

for Canon Pixma Pro-100 (dye)

Lone Tree Civic Center: The address is: 8527 Lone Tree Parkway, Lone Tree, CO.

Color Management: Controlling color is hugely important when printing. We’ll cover the basics and get you started on the right path.

Post-Processing: I’ll teach you my three-step process for doing all the necessary post-processing with fine quality printing in mind. Some photos are simple and straight forward, some are more complex and require more thought and planning.

Printing: A bulk of our time will be spent printing your images. Plan to bring about 4–5 images you’re proud of. Raw format is best. We’ll plan to print two of them.

Screen Calibration: I’ll bring my screen calibrator and we’ll get your screens calibrated. Please download the links highlighted on this page.

Paper: I’ll provide ample quantities of my favorite papers for printing on Lustre and Glossy surfaces. I may have some matte but that’s not guaranteed.

Ink: I’ll have my printer on hand for all the printing. I’ll include all the ink necessary to get our prints made.

Printing Expertise: I’ve been printing and teaching fine art photo printing for 10 years. I’m thrilled to share my experience and knowledge with you in Denver.

Discount to the Online Course: If you decide you want to dive deep into the world of making fine prints of your photography, I’ll give you a discount code for access to my full online printing course. It’s over 8 hours of very in-depth instruction in bite-sized chunks for easy learning and comprehension. 

First Hour: We’ll cover color calibration and get you started on calibrating your notebook screen (please download the calibrator driver linked elsewhere on this page).

Second Hour: We’ll get into basic post-production techniques while others are still finishing up with calibrating their screens. We’ll then work on a few practice files so you can get the hang of what we’re looking at.

Remaining hours: Lecture time is over and you’ll be starting to work on your photos. We’ll establish our working procedure to keep things as efficient as possible at the printers. I’ll be able to walk around and give you advice on what to do with your photos.

When you print we’ll discuss the results and we’ll go at it again. In the end you should walk away with at least one fine 13×19 size print. Maybe you’ll come away with more, depending on specific circumstances.

Food & Drink: This will be a rather long day. Please plan to bring snacks and drinks. If there’s a store nearby we can even take a break and head on over there. All food stuffs are on your own 🙂

Anything else: You’ll need to make your way to the Civic Center and just show up. No transportation or anything else is implied for inclusion.

Additional Information

There’s just a few stipulations/restrictions that apply to this workshop. They are…

  • This workshop is hosted by the Lone Tree Photo Club. Non-members are welcome to attend however there is a slight price difference. The early bird rate ends July 14, 2019, so please sign up before then!
  • From July 15, 2019, the regular rate will apply. 
  • Limit 18 total attendees. Two club members will be providing printers so we’ll have three total printers to use.
  • I reserve the right to cancel the workshop and fully refund any fees paid due to unforeseen circumstances. My total liability will only be refunding the fees paid. Unforeseen circumstances include but are not limited to a death in the family, war, act of terror, extreme weather or other natural disaster or other serious issue.
  • Registration Deadline: You may register up to the date of the event, so long as spots are still available.
  • Release of Liability. By purchasing you agree to release me and my heirs, relatives, business associates and others from any liability for any personal injury, death, loss of valuables and safety risks, or any other malady that may strike due to your involvement in this workshop.
  • I reserve the right to add to and/or modify or subtract anything on this description page as necessary and without warning. I will notify you if there’s a need to make a major change and you’ve already made payment.