Sample Lessons Master Photo Printing Course

Course Navigation

See how easy it is to move about the course lessons and topics and how the system keeps track of your progress.

Color Space Basics

Learn the foundations for understanding color spaces and how it applies to your digital imaging and printing.

Equipment Needs

There’s a few things that help the photographer achieve great results when printing. This overview talks about the basics. Much more detail is included in the full course.

Basic Workflow

Handling images properly is key to keeping things straight. Here I show you how I approach file management.

Full Course Outline

Includes two videos to get you started. One of which is the course navigation to get you started.

Includes 4 videos to set the stage. Items covered: Color Space, Color Management Basics, PPI vs. DPI and Paper Options

Four total videos about basic equipment needs, screen requirements, printer details and software.

Includes two videos, the one shown above and a discussion on file formats used in printing.

All the details you need to know to manage your equipment’s color output. From screen profiling, manufacturer provided paper profiles, making custom paper profiles and a bit of printer maintenance.

Four videos about assessing the initial quality of your digital files. Also covers thoughts on processing panorama images and what to do with high ISO images.

Digital files available. 

Capture processing is the first of the three-step process I use when making prints.

Seven videos covering various images and thoughts behind the creative edits I make with those image.

Digital files available.

Creative processing is the second in my three-step process for making file quality prints.

16 videos covering the entire print process for both Epson and Canon hardware.

Digital files available. 

This is the last of my three-step process for achieving fine quality prints.

A brief discussion on different types of paper, the details on what they deliver, and wrapping it all up.

Coming Summer 2019, I’ll cover the following:

More processing with translating from one color space to another.

Printing using at least six online print labs from ordering to print analysis.

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