Membership Plans Terms and Conditions

Adventurer Membership
  • I want you to invest in your photography with confidence so I offer a 7-day money back guarantee for any membership level. If you’re not satisfied for any reason please let me know and I’ll refund your money without issue. Once the 7 days has passed there’s no opportunity for refunds. You may cancel at any time.
  • Monthly Membership Length and Renewals The membership length calculated as 1-month from the day you initially sign up for the membership. You agree to be charged at the beginning of each membership month for the upcoming month. Refunds are not possible for past months. The 7-day refund policy is good from the beginning of the first month only. Cancellation will stop the auto billing feature and you’ll lose access to the site at the end of the period.
  • Annual membership Length and Renewals The membership length is calculated at one year from the day you initially sign up for the membership. You agree to be charged at the beginning of each membership year for the upcoming year. Refunds are not possible for past years. The 7-day refund policy is good from the beginning of each annual term.
  • Content Availability As a membership enrollee, you’ll have access to all the benefits of the level of membership for the term of your membership. If you cancel for any reason you will lose access to all the materials of the membership at the end of your prepaid period. Video downloads are not available with either the monthly or annual membership.
  • Upgrade to Annual At any time you are welcome to upgrade to the annual membership from the monthly membership. You may also downgrade at anytime. By upgrading, you’ll receive a one-month credit to account for your current monthly fee.
  • Price increases happen from time to time. However, the price you signed up for is the price you will pay for the life of your account as long as you keep it active.
  • Pausing your account You may pause your account for any reason. This means that you’ll stopped being charged for the monthly or annual fee for the membership, but you’ll also lose access to the membership material on the site while the account is paused. However, when you’re ready to come back the system keeps your account active so all your items are right where you left them. PLUS, you get to keep the pricing level you originally signed up with. If there’s a price increase during your pause period, you’ll still keep your original price you signed up with.
    However, if your account is paused for 1 year, it will be manually cancelled and signing up again will require joining at the current rate. I will attempt to reach out to you before you are fully cancelled, but if there’s no response I will fully cancel the account manually.
  • Account sharing is not allowed. Your account access is for you only. If you would like to consider a group account access for a photo club or other group of people, please inquire and we’ll get that sorted out for you.
    If you’re found to be sharing your login details with another person or entity, Brent reserves the right to cancel your account immediately and restrict access immediately without refund.
Globetrotter Program
  • A money-back guarantee exists for the remainder of the unused portion of the program. There will be a 10% non-refundable fee to cover the overhead associated with the program. The remaining balance will be prorated according to the number of one-on-one sessions used. Cancelling the program will result in the account being immediately turned off.
  • Canceling and rescheduling a one-on-one session: Should the need arise to cancel a session, please provide as much lead time as possible. Hopefully at least 48 hours for non-emergency related issues.
  • Postponing Sessions: Certainly we hope that once you sign up you’ll be able to commit to the six months of one-on-one training sessions. But I certainly realize that may not be possible. If you need to postpone the sessions we can certainly arrange that. Please write to me and we’ll get it worked out if it’s ever an issue.
  • Lifetime Access to Site Content: Enrolling in the program grants you lifetime access to all site content. This is defined as the life of the site. Should I have a need to take the site down you will be given a minimum of six months notice. I reserve the right to offer other options as the situation requires it.
Explorer Membership
  • Completely FREE Join the Explorer Membership completely free and you’ll get access to my free courses. At the time of site launch the two courses are Lightroom Classic Quickstart Bootcamp and Principles of Photography.
  • You will need to sign up for an account in order to access the site and courses.
  • This is the perfect way to test the site to see if it’s for you.
  • If you’re a beginner, you’ll learn all you need to know to get started in photography in a WAY more convenient set of lessons as compared to watching random YouTube videos.
  • Easily upgrade at any time to the Adventurer Membership to gain access to all the site has to offer.

By uploading or submitting files you confirm that they are your own work and that you own the copyright to that work. Additionally, you agree that Brent may use the photographs or other files in lessons, tutorials, QuickWins! or other educational examples here on the site or in other venues where Brent showcases educational material.

Other Terms and Conditions

  • Workshops are defined as in-person small groups lead by Brent J Bergherm with the purpose of teaching photography and leading the group in a travel and photography experience.
  • All payments are generally non-refundable. Please check specific workshop listing for full details.
  • By attending a workshop, you agree to release Brent J. Bergherm, his associates, relatives, heirs and business partners of any liability associated with the workshop.
  • Should Brent need to cancel a workshop, liability is limited to fees paid.
  • You agree that travel to various locations carries certain risks (including illness and various types of accidents) and that you’ll release Brent J. Bergherm and any associates, relatives, heirs and business partners of any liability associated with visiting and traveling to destinations for workshops.
Misc. Stuff
  • Introduction: This site and the services and products sold are offered by Brent Bergherm Photography. Any reference to “I” “we” “my” and “our” refers to Brent Bergherm Photography. Any reference to “site” refers to brentbergherm.com. Any reference to “you” “your” “user” and the like refers to you the customer and user of the site. Additionally, the use of “Latitude Photography School” is the brand for the service offered on the site and may have other branded items connected with it such as social media accounts.
  • Services and Products offered: This site is available to any photographer who wishes to learn more about photography, enroll in programs and courses or sign up for workshops and buy other products. These terms and conditions apply to all users of the site and have other areas separated out on this site for convenience as it relates to the specific product or service.
    The nature of services rendered are primarily educational in nature and any agreements are limited to those found on this site. Brent Bergherm reserves the right to substitute similar services or products as necessary, with or without prior notice.
  • Who may use the site: Clients who are of full legal age and have a valid payment method (credit card or debit card) are welcome to use the site. If you are a minor and you wish to use the site, your parent or legal guardian will need to sign up to the site and then give you access to the login credentials. Any agreements and purchases must be conducted by individuals of full legal age.
  • Disclaimer of Accuracy: Brent Bergherm strives for accurate information in everything produced. However, you agree that no warranty is provided to the accuracy, completeness, error-free status or any other short-coming of the data found on the site. Brent Bergherm disclaims any and all liability for any errors or incompleteness found in the site material.
  • User Accounts & Service Refusal: To use the site you will need a user account. In setting up an account you’ll need to provide your name, email address and a user name. Other personal information will also be needed for collecting payments. By signing up you warrant that you are only using your own email address and that you will not be sharing account information with others (except in the case of parents/guardians and minors). If you or the company you work for offers a similar or competing service Brent Bergherm reserves the right to remove your account.
    Brent Bergherm reserves the right to refuse service to any one or any business entity without the need to provide a reason for the refusal.
  • Fulfillment of responsibilities: Brent Bergherm may alter the service offering at any time, subject to him fulfilling any previous responsibility to you based on the acceptance of your payment. If necessary, a pro-rated refund will be issued for any unfulfilled responsibilities.
  • Working Expectations (days of the week and responses): Brent defines the week as starting on Sunday and ending on Saturday. His work week also is considered to start on Sunday and end on Thursday, though he frequently works on Friday mornings. Brent will be unavailable for any regular communication from Friday afternoon through Saturday night.
    If you submit a question via email you may expect a response in 2–3 business days. Sometimes less. However, Brent’s travel schedule may interrupt this normal plan. Please see the LPS News page for all announcements that may cause delays in this normal response time.
  • Order Confirmation and Duration of Service: You will be emailed with account details once your payment is processed. It is your responsibility to keep your payment and other details up to date with the site or service will be cancelled.
    Access to the service depends on a lot of factors such as your internet service provider, the site hosting service and software that operates the site. You understand that from time to time service outages may occur. You also agree that brief and reasonable interruptions and delays of service is not a suitable reason to file a complaint or a breach of contract claim. 
    Brent Bergherm reserves the right to terminate the service at any time. All reasonable attempts will be made to alert you of pending termination should that become necessary but under this agreement it’s understood that it’s not necessary.
    Monthly plans will be granted access to the site for 30 days. Payment solutions that expire or otherwise are not processed will result in the plan being cancelled.
    Annual plans will be granted access for 365 days.
    Cancelling your automatic renewal will cause your access to be stopped at the end of your current period. 
  • Lifetime Access: A few options for “Lifetime Access” are available. This is for the lifetime of the site in the form of primarily providing educational resources for photographers. If for any reason Brent Bergherm needs to cease the services offered on the site your access to the site will be terminated as well. Should the need arise for Brent to transition and cease operation of the website you will receive a notice at least six months in advance. Other options will be explored if the need arises for a shorter timeframe.
  • Refunds: For all paid memberships and courses I offer a 7-day money back guarantee. If you need to ask for a refund please use the contact form on the contact page or email info@brentbergherm.com.
    The refund period only applies to your first term and your first time signing up and may only be used once except as noted below.
    Partial refunds are not available on the monthly or annual plans. However, if you cancel, you will still have access to the site for the duration of your initial term.
    It is your responsibility to stay on top of your account and billing information should you not want to be billed at the start of the next service term. However, for annual accounts, I offer the same 7-day refund option each year.
    Partial refunds are available for the Globetrotter Program. Please see the specific details about that program also on this page.
  • Cancellations: You may cancel at any time. Doing so will stop the auto billing and you will continue to have access to the site for the duration of the time still available in your current term of service. No partial refunds are available for monthly or annual plans.
  • Errors and Corrections: Accuracy is important to both parties. Every reasonable effort is made to make the site error-free and clear in describing the services offered. However, Brent Bergherm reserves the right to refuse service or cancel any order that results in an error or other misunderstanding.
  • Your Submissions to the Site and Related Services: Whether on the site or on social media with connection to the site and service, you agree that any and all works, images, artwork, writings or other material is your property and you have the right to upload and publish those materials. 
    A community site or forum may be part of the site and while Brent Bergherm is not required to maintain and set up a forum or other community options on the site or with social media you agree to these terms throughout all interactions with Brent Bergherm and the service.
    Brent Bergherm may change the platforms used with or without notice and may terminate community forums and social media account with or without notice.
  • Code of Conduct: We are all here to learn more about photography. Conversations on the site or in social media platforms will remain free of topics that are politically charged, lewd and offensive, inappropriate, rude, violent or otherwise threatening. Brent Bergherm is the sole judge in these matters and his decision will be considered final. By using the site and related services you agree to this code of conduct and will hold Brent Bergherm harmless for any actions experienced on the site or on related platforms. Brent Bergherm may remove users from the site or other platforms without warning should there be a violation of this code of conduct.
  • Your Intellectual Property: Any materials you submit to the site will always be considered your material. Any material you submit to the forum or other community items such as social media will remain your property in the eyes of Brent Bergherm, however, you do grant a non-exclusive irrevocable license to display your submitted materials on these platforms. If you upload something that is not your property you accept all responsibilities and damages that may be suffered by Brent Bergherm and any business entity he operates as a result of your action.
  • My Intellectual Property: The site is filled with custom lessons and other content that is proprietary. While much of this information is widely available online I do have a unique style and brand in all that I produce. You agree that when you sign up for the site that you will not reproduce, copy, perform or otherwise transmit any intellectual property to any other service or person. In short, don’t share this material with others. 
    I welcome you sharing “about” the material and how it has helped you grow in your photography. But by sharing the actual material itself you would be in violation of this policy and I reserve the right to immediately cancel your account and fully remove you from the site and seek legal recourse if you’re found to be distributing this intellectual property.
  • Terms and Conditions Updates: From time to time I may need to make updates to the terms and conditions on the site. I will make a reasonable effort to update you when updates are published. By continuing to use the site you agree to be bound by the current terms and conditions.
  • Liability Limits: You agree to hold Brent Bergherm and his relatives, heirs, business partners and any related or interested business entity harmless from any and all liability in connection with any of the services he offers. This applies to all service and product types.
    Liability is limited to the fullest extent of the law in. Under no circumstances shall the total liability be greater than the price of the service you have purchased. If you have not made a purchase, i.e. you have only used free products, Brent Bergherm’s total liability for any claim shall not exceed $10.
  • Other Resources: From time to time Brent Bergherm will reference products he uses, likes or even endorses. Links to other sites don’t automatically constitute an endorsement. You agree that your use of any other party’s sites or services is between you and them and in no way should be connected, legally or otherwise, to Brent Bergherm and his business interests. You agree to assume all risks when using other services or sites.
  • Official Communications: All communications in regards to anything here with the terms and conditions or other items on the site should be done in writing at the following address:
    Brent Bergherm Photography
    85557 Highway 339
    Milton-Freewater, OR  97862
  • Covering Legal Fees: If any legal action is brought against Brent Bergherm because of anything related to this site and related services, and if he is deemed the victor in any legal or arbitration proceeding, you agree to reimburse Brent Bergherm for any and all court and other legal fees, not limited to lawyer fees and other fees or penalties that may have been suffered as a result of this action.
  • Severability: If any part of this terms and conditions policy is deemed illegal or invalid, then the other items shall remain in full force and not affected by such ruling.
Standalone Courses
  • I want you to invest in your photography with confidence so I offer a 7-day money back guarantee for all my online courses that are purchased individually. If you’re not satisfied for any reason please let me know, I’ll attempt to fix the issue. Sometimes you just want your money back without explanation and I can respect that too.
  • What does “Lifetime Access” to a course mean? Quite simply it means the lifetime of my business endeavors in photography, and specifically, as it relates to offering and supporting courses. I’m in it for the long haul, but that doesn’t mean I’m immune to life events and other factors. Please see the full description in the “Other Legal Stuffs” section of this page.