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The Great Outdoors Photography School Adventurer Monthly Terms

  • Using a coupon from time to time coupon code(s) may be available for discounted trial periods or other reasons. All coupon codes are limited one per user. They are not combinable with any other offers or cannot be applied to other products or services.
  • 7-day money back guarantee I offer this guarantee so that you can have time to test things out and see if it’s right for you. If you’re not satisfied for any reason please let me know and I’ll refund your money without issue. Once the 7 days has passed there’s no opportunity for refunds. You may cancel at any time to keep from being charged.
  • Monthly Membership Length and Renewals The membership length calculated as 1-month from the day you initially sign up for the membership. You agree to be charged at the beginning of each membership month for the upcoming month. Refunds are not possible for past months. The 7-day refund policy is good from the beginning of the first month only. Cancellation will stop the auto billing feature and you’ll lose access to the site at the end of the period.
  • Content Availability As a member, you’ll have access to all the benefits for the term of your membership. If you cancel for any reason you will lose access to all the materials of the membership at the end of your prepaid period.
  • Price rate guarantee Price increases happen from time to time. However, the price you signed up for is the price you will pay for the life of your account as long as you keep it active.
  • Pausing your account You may pause your account for any reason. This means that you’ll stop being charged for the monthly fee for the membership, but you’ll also lose access to the membership material on the site while the account is paused. However, when you’re ready to come back the system keeps your account active so all your items are right where you left them. PLUS, you get to keep the pricing level you originally signed up with. If there’s a price increase during your pause period, you’ll still keep your original price you signed up with.
    However, if your account is paused for 1 year, it will be manually cancelled and signing up again will require joining at the current rate. I will attempt to reach out to you before you are fully cancelled, but if there’s no response I will fully cancel the account manually.
  • Account sharing is not allowed. Your account access is for you only. If you would like to consider a group account access for a photo club or other group of people, please inquire and we’ll get that sorted out for you.
    If you’re found to be sharing your login details with another person or entity, Brent reserves the right to cancel your account immediately and restrict access immediately without refund.
  • Privacy Policy Please click here for the privacy policy on the site.

By uploading or submitting files you confirm that they are your own work and that you own the copyright to that work. Additionally, you agree that Brent may use the photographs or other files in lessons, tutorials, QuickWins! or other educational examples here on the site or in other venues where Brent showcases educational material.

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