Monthly Edition Collectables

MonthlyEditionCollectables Monthly Edition Collectables Each month you have a chance to own a limited-edition collectable print at a very special rate. Be sure you’re amongst the first to preview and acquire the latest releases by … Read more

Croatia Seascape

This is just more evidence of why Croatia is such a wonderful place to travel and experience. They have a long coast along the Adriatic Sea and so much of it is very beautiful. Add … Read more

Croatia Landscape

When I get the urge to travel (which is very often) one of the first places I think about is Croatia. There’s so much to see and experience and so much I have yet to … Read more

Color In Motion

When the subject or the light isn’t working I often find myself looking for other ways to make an image. With Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) I’m looking to create something that doesn’t require a sense … Read more


I’m so glad I’ve added Alaska to the places I’ve traveled to for photography. For so long I felt rather intimidated. It’s simply SO LARGE and there’s so many opportunities. To combat that I went … Read more