Privacy Policy

Cookie information and options for opting out

This site uses cookies to track information about your usage of the site. There’s a lot to it so please reference this page for all the information regarding regular cookie usage.

Contact and other information is also found on this linked page.

Video Player Cookies

In addition to the various cookies listed on the previously mentioned page, we also use a video player on the site that has it’s own cookies. Items such as video play information (the ability to pick up where you left off) is tracked to make the use of the player more convenient. Most of these are found in the paid members section of the site. But there are a few that are on the free section of the site as well.

What personal data we collect and why we collect it

Site Visitors who do not sign up for my services, make any purchases, or who do not fill out any forms have very little information collected. I do use Google Analytics to collect data pertaining to page and blog post visits. These cookies transfer data back to google inc. so that I can see the popularity of the site, certain pages and I’m able to tell which region visitors come from. This information, however, is collected from all site visitors.

Product purchasers If you purchase a physical product or any other item that is not a membership here on the site your information such as name, address, phone number, email are collected. Your payment information is also collected. The site keeps track of all data except the payment information. That data is sent to the payment processor (either PayPal or Stripe) using SSL encryption and they retain that information. This site never stores your payment data if you report it during the normal course of making a purchase. You should never send payment information in any other form located on the site.

Memberships Personal data is collected from you for operating the membership functionality of the site. This data includes your name, email, address, phone number, and payment information. Payment information is always directly sent to the payment processor using SSL encryption and is never stored on the site.

Your email address and forms

Email Addresses connected to purchases We do use a technology to connect our site to a customer resource manager. When a purchase is made your name and email address is transferred to this service provider (as of September 2022 we use MailChimp). Certain identifying tags are also sent so that product updates may be easily communicated. You are not added to a standard email marketing list when you purchase something.

When you fill out a form that asks for your email address that information from that form may be sent to my customer resource manager (as of September 2022 we use MailChimp). The system will also tag your record according to the form you filled out. If you wish to opt out of any future emails, please simply use the unsubscribe link that is found in each email.

Communication forms When you include your email in a form that is marked as contacting me or otherwise stated as sending Brent Bergherm a message, you are not added to the customer resource manager list. Those forms will only send a message to Brent and that information is not saved on the site either.

Media Uploads

Members are able to upload images and other data for review. If you use the form on the site please do not consider it a secure form. Only use it to upload image files or other pertinent data. While the files uploaded are technically publicly accessible, there is no link made publicly available for these pieces of data. Additionally, Brent clears out uploads from time to time so they are short lived on the site.

If you choose to use another service to submit files such as WeTransfer, you do so at your own risk and you’ll have to understand their own privacy policies and how they handle your data. Brent Bergherm is not responsible for any action that occurs due to the use of a third party for submitting files.


Please see the cookies information and opt-out page for full information.

In short, data is collected to determine the popularity of the site, individual pages, and to better understand who the visitors are in very broad terms. No private or identifying information is tracked with these settings.

Who we share your data with

We only share your identifying data with organizations that require it in order to provide you with the goods and services you are interested in purchasing. This includes Stripe and PayPal payment processors. Email data is sent to MailChimp for those purposes as mentioned above.

How long we retain your data

Basic tracking cookies have a life of one day up to two years. All the information regarding these items is found on this page.

What rights you have over your data

Section 5 of this page covers this information.

Where your data is sent

Each cookie has a different set of policies. They are all dictated here.

How we protect your data

We use industry standard SSL encryption to protect your data on the site. And remember, we never save your payment information on the site, that data is saved and managed by the payment processor which is either Stripe or PayPal.

What data breach procedures we have in place

If we have any type of data breach, you will be notified of the nature of the breach and what our plan is to deal with the breach. This may include forcing password resets for all users and restricting access for a period of time while we sort it out.