Print Services FAQ

How do I send my files in to get printed?

For photographic prints When you’re placing your order you’ll find the upload function embedded in the product page. It’s the same page where you select the size of the print.

For art reproductions If you have your own digital file for uploading to me you’ll be able to do that on the product page. If not, be sure you select the digitizing option in your shopping cart.

Can I select my own media to print on?

Yes! While I have a great selection of preferred media that I recommend on my “choose your media” pages for photographers and painters, I’m happy to work with you and provide print services on your media of choice. Please use the form below to get in touch and we’ll get it worked out.

How does pricing work?

For photographic prints I offer two options for making photographic prints. Custom print services and QuickPrints. Pricing is per square inch for each service. Simply insert your photo dimensions on the product page and you’ll see the price is instantly calculated. You’ll then be able to add it to your card and proceed like a normal online purchase. Don’t forget to upload your image file too though! That, too, is handled on the product page. 

For art reproductions The printing aspect is fairly straight forward and is similar to the pricing for photo prints. However, if you require digitizing services please be sure to add that to your cart as well. Those prices are negotiable with a multi-print contract and that’s only handled as a completely custom job.

Do you give discounts for bulk orders?

Yes! If you have a bulk order or if you can guarantee a certain number of prints over a set period of time I’m happy to work with you to get you the best price I can offer. I might even be able to credit the cost of digitizing your art originals with a large enough print order. However, all this will need to be worked out manually. Please use the form below and let’s figure it out.

By the by, bulk orders would be for 35 or more prints on 13×19 paper and 25 or more for larger prints.

Will you make my canvas print into a gallery wrap?

Yes! I’d love to mount your canvas print to stretcher bars and make it a gallery wrap. However, currently these orders are handled manually and not online. They are only available for local pickup.

I plan to offer shipping and delivery options by summer of 2024. 

Ask anything

Got a question about anything related to getting your artwork printed? 

Please use this form to reach out and I’ll get back to you soon. I look forward to working with you to get your artwork printed.