Print Services

for Photographers

Tips for Successful Printing

  • Strive to simplify your composition so your point is very clear.
  • Shoot in RAW for maximum post-processing quality.
  • Don’t be afraid to use the tools necessary to maximize your creative message.

Print Service Options

Custom Print Services

This option is for the discerning photographer who demands exquisite detail and archival paper and a proofing option before we officially hit the “print” button.

An assumption is also made that you regularly calibrate your screen with a colorimeter.

File Format

PSD  It’ll leave your colors uncompressed and it’ll give you the opportunity for top-quality reproductions. Leave it 16-bit as well. If you’re not confident in what this means please either contact me or use the QuickPrints option that I offer.

Please be sure you FLATTEN your file. Layered files are larger than necessary and could introduce unexpected results in rare circumstances.

Color Space

I’ll list the options and then explain the pros and cons for each one.


This is my preferred color space for most clients. It is capable of reproducing way more color options as compared to sRGB and many top-quality monitors support about 95% or more of AdobeRGB color space.


Use this color space if you’re comfortable “talking shop” with all things color. This is my personally preferred color space, however, on some images the printers are simply incapable of reproducing some colors in ProPHOTO and you’ll notice one of two things. Either the out-of-gamut colors will clip and the results may look a little odd, or colors overall will shift slightly to accommodate for those out of gamut colors. It all depends on which rendering intent is used to print the image. 

My default practice is to use Relative Rendering Intent. This leaves all in-gamut colors unaffected, but it clips out of gamut colors. Sometimes it’s better to use Perceptual Rendering Intent, but if we do this be forewarned that color shifts can happen to the in-gamut colors.

I will alert you if I notice any troubles with how the color will be reproduced. The default will be to use Relative Rendering Intent.

If you wish to use this color space please plan to add the proofing option at checkout. This will guarantee that you’re not surprised with the final results.


If you would like to soft-proof your photos please get in touch. We’ll discuss your project and then I’ll forward you the proper icc profile for the media you’re wanting to print on.

Please be sure you do not assign this profile to your image. Your image should be assigned Adobe RGB, or, ProPHOTO RGB color spaces only. 

Size & Resolution

Making your file size match the exact size you’re wanting to print is the best practice. For example, if you want a 24×36 inch print, please size it exactly to 24×36 inches at 300 ppi. The default will be to make a borderless print. If you wish to have a border, please include that in your overall file size.

For prints larger than 24 inches on the short edge I actually recommend 240 ppi. However, if you have an ultra high resolution camera or you did a multi-frame panorama and you want to use all the resolution you possibly can, then 300 ppi would be excellent.


If your file does not have enough resolution to achieve the print size you’re hoping for you can use an app such as Topaz Labs Gigapixel AI  or something similar. The results are certainly up to your judgement.

Printing to Canvas

Be sure to add the required border for canvas prints that are intended to wrap over stretcher bars. For example, if you want a 24×36 inch canvas, you’ll need a 2 inch border which makes the file 28×40 inches. This allows for the canvas to wrap around the stretcher bars. You can make the border black, mirrored edge, or, simply plan for it with the way the image is naturally shown anyway (i.e. no mirrored edge and no black border, the image will simply be cropped by roughly two inches all around when it’s mounted on stretcher bars). Also, please size Canvas prints at either 240 ppi for regular prints or 180 ppi if it’s very large (i.e. 40+ inches on the short side). Please note, the maximum print size is 44 inches wide/tall. I limit the print length to 124 inches.

Uploading large files

My system can handle up to 256MB files for uploading. If your file is larger than that we will have to use an alternate method to transfer the file to me. Please contact me for custom instructions on manually sending a file to me.

Output Sharpening

Please do everything you want with capture sharpening and creative sharpening. But leave the output sharpening to me. If you’re unsure about this please order the proofing option so you can see exactly what we’re talking about.

Proofing Option

If you order the proof option at checkout you’ll receive two sample prints. One that is printed 100% size of your image scale but cropped to a letter-sized document. This allows you to see a portion of the image at 100% so you can judge output sharpening details. Please judge this at the intended viewing distance, not while holding it in your hand.

You’ll also receive another copy of your entire image scaled down to about letter size. This way you’ll be able to judge color accuracy of the entire image.

These will be shipped to you for your approval before final printing.

Custom Print Media Options

While it might seem that there’s an endless supply of different media to print on, I have chosen only to use what I consider to be the best products available. These are products by Breathing Color and Canson Infinity. 

However, I’m happy to use your preferred media as well. Just let me know what you like and I’ll make that happen for you.


Select this option and follow these guidelines if you want your print in the quickest way possible. 

Please note, with this option I will simply take your file and hit the print button after verifying that it’s sized properly. There is no color checking and no proofing with this option.

File Format

JPG Be sure to select the top quality compression which is either 100% if you’re using a program like Lightroom Classic or level 12 if you’re using Photoshop’s “Save As” function.

Color Space


This is the smallest color space, however, it’s still very good for pretty much all subject types. It’s a great color space for making beautifully punchy images. However, my printers have greater color capabilities than what this color space allows for so if you’re demanding greater control over your color, the Custom Print Services option is best for you.


This level of service does not support the soft-proofing option. 

Size & Resolution

Please make your file size match the exact size you’re wanting to print. For example, if you want an 18×24 inch print, please size it exactly to 18×24 inches at 300 ppi. The default will be to make a borderless print. If you wish to have a border, please include it in the file you upload.

If your print is going to be 24 inches on the short edge then I recommend you use 240 ppi. This smaller resolution will allow for a smaller file size to be uploaded and you’ll be interpolating less in Photoshop or Lightroom. 240 works beautifully for all subjects when you’re printing large.


If your file does not have enough resolution to achieve the print size you’re hoping for you can use an app such as Topaz Labs Gigapixel AI  or something similar. The results are certainly up to your judgement.

QuickPrints Media Options

You’ll be able to select either of these papers at checkout when ordering a QuickPrint of your photograph.

  • Premium Luster (semi-gloss)
  • Enhanced Matte
  • Premium Glossy

Ask anything

Got a question about anything related to getting your artwork printed? 

Please use this form to reach out and I’ll get back to you soon. I look forward to working with you to get your artwork printed.