Digitize Your Art

If your art is on paper or canvas (or any other physical media) you’ll need to digitize the work so it can be printed. While it may be tempting to use your cell phone, top-quality results require a top-quality process to get your artworks into the computer. I employ some of the best tech and the best practices to ensure your art is faithfully reproduced to your exacting standards.

the Camera

I use a Canon R5 camera and the Canon RF 100mm macro lens to photograph your art. The high resolution of this camera along with its stellar image quality when paired with this lens ensures a beautiful capture of your artworks.

If you plan to reproduce your works very large I can photograph the piece in segments and then combine them together in the computer. This is the same technique used by the finest museums when they digitize their collections. To be clear, I won’t be able to produce a 717 Giga-Pixel rendition of your art. I’m just giving you an example of the similar technique I’ll use as needed to get more resolution for your art reproduction needs 🙂

Photo of artist's hand holding a paint brush to the canvas.

I manually fine-tune all settings for an exquisite capture of your art.

the Studio Lights

It’s hugely important to control every aspect of the lighting so that your art is evenly lit while also ensuring that the overall aesthetic of the work is not lost. I will work to preserve the texture or depth of your work while keeping a tight control on color accuracy. 

I’ll also make a test shot on a white board. This will help me correct for any minuscule differences in the lighting that might adversely affect the reproduction of your art.  

The studio setup and all the details are customized to your art so that it reproduces with impeccable quality.

color Management

Color management is my middle name. OK, not really, but it might as well be. From the moment of capture through the entire post-production process I’m keeping an eye on all things color.

I even custom calibrate the camera/lens combo so I have the best starting point for color accuracy. I test the lighting so I know exactly what color those are. And I use calibrated screens and printers too. It’s all very tightly controlled so we don’t have any surprises. We simply have good, pure, accurate reproduction of the color in your art.

By keeping stringent controls on color management you’re assured predictable and accurate reproduction of your art.


With the studio and color management taken care of, we turn to the computer to make sure your art is faithfully reproduced.

I’ll keep your artwork handy so that I can make the subtle adjustment needed to bring out the most accurate reproduction possible. Paying attention to texture and surface details while also ensuring top-quality color is my goal in this stage. 

Your art is transformed into a digital masterpiece.

test Prints round 1

While each step of the process has been tightly controlled it’s important to get some test prints out and analyze them for authentic color reproduction.

These will be on the exact material you’re intending to print on for the final piece.

I’ll print a segment at 100% so that you can see the fine details as it will be reproduced. I’ll also print the entire item scaled down so you can judge the overall color accuracy. 

I’ll make adjustments as needed and we’ll go from here. Usually I only need to make small adjustments to the color. However, your feedback is critical at this point. If you’re a local artist I’ll have you come in and we’ll discuss it. If not I can ship these to you so you can see them yourself.

Photo of artist's hand holding a paint brush to the canvas.

It’s our job to work together to ensure we’re holding true to your goals you have with your art.

test Prints round 2

With your feedback on the initial test printing I’ll make a full-size test print. It should be perfect but as needed we’ll continue making adjustments until it’s just right. 

Photo of artist's hand holding a paint brush to the canvas.

Art Digitizing Costs and Policies

Send it...

Painting and Mixed Media:

For all types of physical pieces such as painted canvases, mixed media boards and the like, I can photograph your art in the studio for a quality reproduction. Please see the page that describes all the details.

For Photographers:

Depending on the size of your digital file you can either email it to me or use a service like Dropbox or WeTransfer to send a large file.


Media Options:

While it might seem that there’s an endless supply of different media to print onto, I have chosen only to use what I consider to be the best products available. These are products by Breathing Color and Canson Infinity. 

Ask anything

Got a question about anything related to getting your artwork printed? 

Please use this form to reach out and I’ll get back to you soon. I look forward to working with you to get your artwork printed.