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To create a show that provides continual inspiration for you to get out there and make beautiful photographs in the Great Outdoors!

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Show Notes

165 Freely Floating

We take a dive into the ocean, well, not really, with this month’s print release. Freely Floating comes from the South Carolina Aquarium in Charleston, SC. It’s a close-up of a jellyfish with a few

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164 Let There Be Light

January’s Print of the month is Let There Be Light. I made this image way back in 2016 in Prague, Czech Republic. However, I essentially sat on it until now. I hope you enjoy this

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163 Sunrise over Mt. Newhall

December’s Print of the month is Sunrise over Mount Newhall. Jump to the Listen Links Main Topic: This image comes to you from Unalaska Island. It’s a photograph with brilliant light streaming through the clouds

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161 Monthly Editions Print Releases

I’ve finally done it! I’ve gotten my act together on these monthly editions print releases. Jump to the Listen Links Main Topic: Reviewing images and selecting one to print This is acontinuation to the “In

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159 I went to Lebanon

Lebanon is a small country, but that just makes it all the better for photography! Jump to the Listen Links Main Topic: Lebanon Why I went My itinerary, in brief The photos A deeper dive

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158 OMAN with Nickolas Warner

Oman offers some landscapes that I just never expected. We’ll learn all about it in this conversation with Nickolas Warner. Jump to the Listen Links Main Topic: OMAN My conversation with Nickolas Warner Important Links Nickolas’ site

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156 Planning a Major Goal for 2023

Today we’re talking about a major goal I have for 2023. A goal to blend my photography life with my farm life. This is episode 156 of The Great Outdoors Photography Podcast for January 1,

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