Master Photo Printing Course

Why print?

To make a lasting legacy

Making a fine quality print helps you achieve a new level with your work by making it tangible, lasting and strong.

To realize the "ultimate manifestation" of your photography

Prints command a presence that screen viewing can't compete with. If you want to increase the impact of your images, learning to make quality prints is for you.

I’ve packed over 20 years of photography experience and 10+ years of printing experience into this course. 

It is deep, but it’s also accessible and easy to follow along. 

Plus, it’s risk-free for 7 days.

Start today and stretch yourself and your photography!

Learn about...

Color Management

From dealing with various paper and screen profiles, I've got you covered.

Creative Post-Processing

You'll dive deep into understand how to best optimize your photography for gallery quality prints. You'll start with basic editing and selections then go much further with learning how to best control the viewer's experience as they enjoy your photographic prints.

Multiple Options

I don't just give you the one-and-done approach. I talk through the options for various subjects and explain why I process various images with these techniques.

Superb Sharpening Techniques

Learn techniques for optimal output sharpening for various types of paper and sizes.

About the course

You will learn all the techniques and skills necessary to achieve excellent quality
photographic prints using your photography.

I also share my in-depth thoughts as to why I process my images the way I do and I help you understand the various nuances of how to best achieve printing perfection…

Or at least getting as close to perfection as possible. ;)

8+ Hours of Bite-Sized Lessons Include

$ 149
  • Full Access to Online Course with easy progression tracking.
  • 8+ hours of bite-sized chunks for easy learning.
  • Private Facebook group just for course takers and LPS members
  • Updates and Bonus Features Included!

FAQ for the online course

This course is for photographers who want to take their photographs and make something “real” out of them. 

I include tons of post-processing training because I don’t believe in a one-and-done approach. You’ll learn about why I’m making certain decisions and you’ll see me fail a couple of times. You may learn more about yourself as a photographer as well. :)

Printing is a complex process and I want to be able to help you along the way. The group will facilitate learning by bringing all members of the course together to discuss challenges and success we’ve all had.

The group will be a “catch-all” for all my future courses, but for the time being it will only be printers in the course.

It’s the perfect way to get your questions answered and over time it will become its own treasure trove of information as groups are searchable on Facebook.

You will have lifetime access to the course according to the policy stated on my terms page.

If I end up moving this course to another website your user account will also transfer.

I will develop bonus material that will include additional post-processing techniques to further your understanding of getting ultimate results out of your photography, and specifically, your prints. 

I will also do several videos on ordering prints from online retailers.

These bonus items are scheduled for release in Summer 2019.

Updates may happen from time to time. As I create updates I will either add them to the regular course content or replace course content. 

You will not pay an extra fee for any updates or bonus items added to the course. I may increase the fee for future buyers, but the price you paid gets you access for life according to my terms.

Yes. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you have 7 days from the date of purchase to contact me regarding a refund. I want your investment to be done with confidence. 

The only thing I’ll ask for is feedback regarding how I can make it better. I’m always looking for ways to improve my educational products.

I cannot guarantee that you’ll absolutely love your prints. If you’re “wandering” in your photography my suggestion is to hone in your efforts and purpose in photography before enrolling in this course.

Please be sure to see my terms page before you enroll.

Yes, I offer a few practice files so you can follow along with all the settings and you can see for yourself exactly what I’m seeing. Not every file is made available.

$ 149
  • Full Access to Online Course with easy progression tracking.
  • 8+ hours of bite-sized chunks for easy learning.
  • Private Facebook group just for course members
  • Updates and Bonus Features Included!

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