Design and Creativity in Photography

Your key to building more confidence in your compositions.

Trying to follow the "rules" of photography leads to creative gridlock.

Release your struggles
with the creative process
I'll teach you.

Focus on design principles

Rules are made to be broken anyway, so why spend so much time trying to adhere to them?

Achieve more meaning

The search for meaning in your photography is continual. A better understanding of the creative process helps you succeed.

Celebrate creative freedom

I teach you how to set your creative-self free from doubt, hesitation, fear, and, indecision.

This course includes...

Learn to communicate with more intent through your photography

Your goal is to learn how to simply take advantage of what’s there and not fret about your inability to meet all the “rules” requirements. You’ll always have a design principle present, and when you learn about the design principles you’ll learn how to communicate more strongly with your photography.

$ 699
  • Instant Access to 5 existing sets of lessons
  • Four additional lessons to be released one per month
    starting January 1
  • Six live group sessions starting February 4, 2024
  • BONUS 6 of YOUR photos I print and send to you!
    (That's a $400 value all by itself!)
  • BONUS Live Session in May to discuss your prints.
  • Enrollment closes January 7, 2024!

Course Content

Module 1 > Foundational Understanding

Giving you the tools for a great start

Setting the Stage

A basic understanding of what the course is about and who it's for.

Looking and Seeing

The camera simplifies things. Understand some differences between human vision and the camera.

Comparing eyes to digital sensors

Human vision is complex. Digital cameras are not. This understanding helps us overcome some hurdles we always face.

Vision and Responding

Let's start to understand communicating with purpose.

Module 2 > You and your goals

Knowing what's important to you

Understanding Your Photography

Identify your photographic purpose and really get to understand yourself. This is important for motivation and for understanding what's important to you in your photography experience.

Setting Goals for your Photography

Think about larger purposes that your photography serves. We're not talking about winning a sprint. We're looking at something with a deeper meaning.

Who is your photography for

While finding personal value and meaning in your photography is important, being able to connect with others helps you achieve your goals.

How to GROW in your photography

Getting unstuck and seeing progress is vital to a your growth and finding meaning in your work.

Module 3 > Design Principles 1

Cracking the visual language code

Visual Formmaking

A basic introduction to applying design principles to your photography.


This is probably the most common design principle that helps create interest in your photographs. Learn about all the different types of contrast and how to use them in your photography.


Learn to use this design principle to establish where you look first and what's important with your scene.


The simplest of design principle building blocks. Learn to use lines effectively.

Visual weight and scale

It's all about emphasis and the impression we get from various composition techniques.

Border Patrol

It's simple. Ensure items in your scene are supposed to be there and not sneaking in to distract the eye.

Module 4 > Color Studies

No more confusion about COLOR

Color Definitions

A look at your devices and how they use, define, and represent color.

Color Exercises

Various decisions you make when photographing color will influence how that color is perceived in your image.

Using Color

Putting the things you've learned into practice and understanding how you think about color affects the meaning of your photographs.

Color Meanings

A look at some basic ideals that various colors are associated with.

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Module 5 > Design principles 2

Making sense of compositional choices

to be released Dec 28, 2023

Forms and Shapes

Briefly going back to some simpler principles, you'll build a deeper understanding of some basic building blocks.


Think about the interplay of objects and what they mean to each other.

Gestalt Theory I

An introduction to the ideals behind this advanced concept. Though it's probably simpler than you'd expect!

Gestalt Theory II

A deeper dive into the meaning of photographs and what is going on behind the scenes. Some things we can control, some things we can't.

Module 6 > Design Principles 3

More visual language code breaking

to be released one per month starting Jan 1, 2024


Take advantage of showing how something feels.


Creating predictable results can really drive home an idea.


Conveying motion in your still photographs can create amazing results that communicate a unique message.

Layers and Transparency

This has nothing to do with Photoshop. It's all about planning for depth and the interplay of subjects.

Tap into your natural God-given Creativity!

You already ARE creative, but you struggle with it and you’re not as happy with your photographs as you could be due to this struggle. By learning my creative process and the language of visual communication you’ll be making photographs that are as unique as you are (trust me, you’re unique!)

Sign up today for the opportunity to dive deep into your photography and you’ll discover even greater value and meaning in your image-making process.

Make 2024


You make significant progress in your photography

I’ve packed over 22 years of photography experience
and over 16 years of experience teaching graphic design into this course. 

Take advantage of this opportunity to dive deeply into your natural, God-given, creativity that I know you have.

You’ll be able to apply these skills and my creative process over and over again which will help you continually level-up your work. 

Plus, it’s risk-free for 7 days. So you’ll be able to check it out and if you don’t like what you see for any reason I’ll refund the purchase price.

Start stretching your creative muscle and start growing more today!

This course also Includes...

Twice-a-month Live Sessions

Starting February 4, 2024, we’ll meet twice a month for three months (February, March, April). 

I’ll email the group the specific lessons and topics we’ll be discussing so you’ll know what’s coming up and we’ll be able to keep on track.

Plus, each session will be recorded for playback anytime.

And if you can’t make it to a particular session, you can still email in questions and we’ll get those answered too.

AND, we’ll have a bonus session in May to discuss your prints and wrap up any remaining questions.

Plus this super BONUS (a $400 value!)

6 photographs I print for YOU

I’ll walk you through the file prep process and then you’ll send me the files. I’ll record a video as I print them so you can see the entire process of what it takes to get these made. I’ll then ship them to you for you to keep! 

This will be the ultimate way to end this online workshop! 🙂

And don’t forget, we’ll have a bonus Live Session to discuss these prints in May!

FAQ for the online course

This course is really more of an online workshop. It’s for you if any or all of the following apply:

  • You’re comfortable with your gear and you want to be pushed further.
  • You like your images, but you know there’s something more that can happen with your photographs.
  • You feel “stuck” creatively and need that kick in the pants to get moving again.

The live sessions will happen via Zoom video conferencing. 

Initially, I plan to schedule these for Sunday evenings. In particular, 4:00 p.m. Pacific time.

However, if we need a different time, or a different day even, to suit the needs of the group I can make adjustments. I am unable to schedule these on either Fridays or Saturdays. 

If more than 10 people join the program I’ll split the group into two sections to make it more manageable. 

Yes, I have a facebook group that you’ll be able to join that is exclusively for course takers. The group is already made up of some who are enrolled in my Master Photo Printing course and past members of The Great Outdoors Photography School which was an online membership that was in operation until August 2023.

You will have lifetime access to the course according to the policy stated on my terms page.

If I end up moving this course to another website your user account will also transfer.

You’ll also have access to the live session recordings.

Currently, there’s about 7 total hours of video training in the program. However, I plan to release four new lessons, one per month, starting January 1, 2024. This will finish off the course.

However, should I decide to make further updates those will simply be added to the course and you’ll be able to view those when they are released. At this time I have no plans to make further updates to the course.

Yes, there’s a few assignments to do and they largely focus on exercising the design principles. 

However, with the live sessions, I will have specific items or topics to discuss and this will involve some other assignment type work as well. 

Doing the assignments is up to you. It provides a method for you to practice and receive specific feedback on the work you do.

Yes. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you have 7 days from the date of purchase to contact me regarding a refund. I want your investment to be done with confidence. 

The only thing I’ll ask for is feedback regarding how I can make it better. I’m always looking for ways to improve my educational products.

I cannot guarantee that you’ll absolutely love your prints. And the refund window happens LONG before we get to the printing stage. However, I’ll be helping you decide which images to print and how to prepare them. I’m quite confident we’ll have some winners of some prints for you :)

Please be sure to see my terms page before you enroll.

You can print any photo you’d like. Hopefully it’ll be a print that’s new and that shows how you’ve advanced in your photography.

I’ll use the 4th and 5th live sessions to help you prepare your images for printing. I’ll then send them to you and we’ll have a bonus live session in May dedicated to reviewing the prints.

The prints will be made on either Canson Infinity or Breathing Color baryta or other semi-gloss/lustre fine art paper. Each print will be on 13×19 inch paper.

Shipping outside the lower 48 states will incur additional costs. Please inquire about these costs before signing up if you’d like to take advantage of this benefit.

On January 8, 2024, a wait-list form will replace the sign-up form. You’ll be the first to know when this course is open for enrollment. If you want to get on the waitlist now just use the form on this page.

$ 699
  • Instant Access to 5 existing sets of lessons
  • Four additional lessons to be released one per month
    starting January 1
  • Six live group sessions starting February 4, 2024
  • BONUS 6 of YOUR photos I print and send to you!
    (That's a $400 value all by itself!)
  • BONUS Live Session in May to discuss your prints.
  • Enrollment closes January 7, 2024!

Enrollment closes January 7, 2024!

Design & Creativity
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