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Your photography is a reflection of you.

Your photography is a reflection of you.

I will help you Developing a Style and Vision is nearly impossible
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Hi, I'm Brent

I help photographers like you learn to make great images. I do this through helping you understand the creative process and how to best apply it to your photography. I’ve been doing this for 14 years with my university students, and I’d love to help you too. Please do let me know if you have any questions by using the form below. 

How it works...

There’s three levels of access to my online training and it’s geared towards all levels of photographers.

Explorer is free and perfect for beginners or anyone who just wants to “kick the tires” as it were with how I teach and deliver the material.

Adventurer is available with monthly or annual payment options. It includes ALL my Courses, Tutorials and QuickWins. There’s also monthly live group sessions where you can get all your questions answered and they’ll be archived for later reference too. You’ll also be able to ask for specific help with a technique and where possible, I’ll turn it in to a tutorial and post it to the site.

And if you sign up for the annual option you’ll get access to each of the lesson assignments which means you’ll receive personal feedback on what you’re learning. 

The Globetrotter program is for anyone who is ready to seriously level up your photography experience. It includes six months of personal one-on-one training that is customized to your needs. Plus, you’ll get LIFETIME* access to the site.

“Which of my photographs is my favorite?
The one I'm going to take tomorrow.”

—Imogen Cunningham

Feedback from my first course, Master Photo Printing

  • Brent not only teaches the technical information necessary but also includes his process on the creative thinking he uses for working a fine art print to completion.  Color work, soft proofing, sharpening and review of the physical print; it is all in the course.

    Steve, in Alaska

  • I met Brent in Charleston, SC, at a photographer gathering. As an instructor he was excellent. He gave of his time and knowledge and was able to communicate well with all levels of photographers. I highly recommend Brent and his courses.

    Bill, in Missouri

  • Printing has made my photography improve more than I ever dreamed it would. I can really see what is possible when I print one of my own photos on my own printer. It’s been an amazing and energizing experience and it increased my enthusiasm for taking more photos.

    Anne, in Washington

Free forever
  • Perfect for Beginners!
  • Includes:
    Lightroom Quickstart Bootcamp
    Principles of Photography Beginner Courses.
$ 30
per month
  • All Courses
  • All Tutorials
  • QuickWins!
  • Monthly Live Q&A
  • Your questions answered
  • Assignments and personal feedback (annual plans)
$ 2,000 one-time
  • Everything for Adventurers and...
  • Six months of personalized
    one-on-one training with customized tasks and assignments.
  • Lifetime access to the site
Latitude Photography School Logo

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. You’ll get access to my Lightroom Classic Quickstart Bootcamp and Principles of Photography courses.

Each course is both broad and deep. They are delivered via online video in HD resolution and they’ll play on any modern device. They are divided into easily digestible bits of information which is designed to be challenging but not overwhelming. You can watch the videos over and over as needed. Each course is designed to build from one lesson to the next maximizing your learning and understanding.

Additionally, if you’re a part of the Adventurer Annual plan or Globetrotter Program you’ll have access to the assignments found in many of the courses.

Your questions are most welcome! In fact, that’s what will set this site apart from so many out there. You have the opportunity to ask me questions so I can help you apply what you’ve learned to your photography.

There are three ways to get your questions answered. 

  1. Write an email
  2. Submit a Tutorial or QuickWin Request
  3. Ask during our live Q&A sessions

As a member of any level, you’ll be able to email me about any lesson or concept you have a question on. This is best for smaller, individual concepts.

As an Adventurer or Globetrotter member, you’ll be able to submit requests for “how to” type tutorials. These are best for larger items that need a few videos to explain the concepts. Once you submit the request I’ll do my best to create a short series tutorial and post it to the site for all to enjoy. This way YOU get to drive the type of material you’re learning and what shows up on the site. If I can’t get something out quickly I’ll answer your question and then schedule the tutorial production for later release.

No, you won’t appear on camera, only I’ll be on camera. I’ll host these sessions on my website and I’ll be able to share my screen as well depending on what your questions are about. I’ll be using the YouTube system (imported into my site) so if you want to ask questions LIVE you’ll have to have a google account.

You’ll be able to submit questions beforehand as well if you can’t make it live.

All live sessions will be posted to the site a day or two after they happen so you can replay it on demand.

In general they’ll happen on Sundays. I’m in the Pacific Time Zone, US. To start out with I’m offering one per month. As the site membership grows I can see the need to offer more options, especially as the international membership grows. I’ll try to be flexible as needed with these to address the timeframe that most members are available.
They will be recorded and posted to the site for later viewing.
And, if you can’t make it you’ll be able to submit your questions ahead of time so you can get them answered anyway.

Some courses are available outside the membership model. In those cases you pay a one-time fee and purchase access to a single course. You’ll have immediate access to the course on the site. After 10 days the video downloads are then made available. They will automatically appear on the last page of the course.  This timeframe allows the standard money back guarantee offered on standalone courses to expire before the downloads are made available. Please see the TERMS page for more information. 

No, not at this time. I have thought about splitting things out but it would make things too confusing and I’m all about value. I want to provide the best value around and keeping the plan offering simple has helped me do that.

A course is a deep-dive experience into a topic. This is also where the assignments will be for those on the Adventurer Annual plan. Tutorials will focus on smaller topics and may go deep but not very broad, or vice-versa.

These are short lessons focussing on a specific topic that are one or two videos in length. They are highly targeted at a single topic. While they may be related to other course material they are intended to quickly answer a specific question.

As an Adventurer (annual) or Globetrotter member, you’ll have access to the course assignments. Not all courses will have assignments, and not all lessons in a course will have assignments either. 

Assignments will even be available in the Principles of photography course but only accessible to those registered for the Adventurer Annual membership.

My Globetrotter program is for any travel and outdoor photographer who has a deep desire to intensely focus on their photography over a six-month period. The program is tailored to your needs and your goals. I’ll develop custom tasks and assignments for you that are geared towards your eventual success. With over 14 years of experience in teaching photography I’m confident I’ll be able to help you achieve your goals.

Video downloads are not available by default. They are available for standalone course buyers and Globetrotter Program members.

In short, it means that for the lifetime of the site, you’ll have access to all the materials available. Also, with video downloads available to Globetrotter and standalone course buyers, you’re able to keep a copy for yourself. Please see the TERMS page for more.

Any Further Questions?

Please let me know if there’s anything else you’re curious about. It’s my goal to help you fully understand everything before you purchase.