Hello, I’m Brent Bergherm and I’m thrilled you’re here. I’m a photography and design educator.

I help travel/outdoor photographers define and refine their creative vision by teaching them how to intentionally create beautiful images that resonates with their viewers.

I do this in a variety of ways.

THE Podcast for Travel/Outdoor Photographers:
The Great Outdoors Photography Podcast

Tune in for topics that will help you learn, grow and be inspired to create new photographs. I primarily focus on either telling stories from the road (a travel log of sorts with a look at the images made along the way) or taking a deeper dive into a single image with my monthly print releases. I explain why I think the photograph works and I give the background story as well. The back catalog of the show features conversations with top-level photographers, new-comers, and everything in between.

Free Video Content via YouTube
You’ll find videos showing you how to work Lightroom Classic, a few on Photoshop, and a variety of other topics that interest the outdoor photographer. If you’d like a quick start to Lightroom Classic, check out the Lightroom Quickstart Bootcamp playlist.

A Professor
I started teaching way back in 2007. Since then I’ve seen many a college student grow in their creative life and become some amazing artists, designers and photographers. Being witness to one’s growth is very cool and quite thrilling. Watching someone put the pieces of the creative puzzle together in their own minds and making something truly theirs… there’s nothing like it!

A brief note about me
I have a wife of 23+ years and four quickly growing boys. My favorite “dad joke” is that I often feel that I’m a member of the mafia because it seems that everything I do is “for the family.” 🙂
As for my photography, I’m represented by Danita Delimont Stock Photography. and I offer fine art prints for collectors as well. I’m a dedicated Christian–a Seventh-day Adventist–and I am always looking forward to that weekly glorious day of rest starting each Friday evening.

I’ve finally decided I need to come clean and admit that I love water. It’s my favorite subject to photograph (too bad I live in a desert!)

Just about any type of water will suffice (waterfalls, ocean, rivers) and that I’m a huge fan of a good B&W image too. 

This photo comes from Dubrovnik. The best city a photographer can find themselves in, in my opinion anyway.

Christian Artists

If you’re looking for other Christian Artists head on over to the Christian Artist’s Directory hosted by Matt Tommey.

Matt also publishes two great podcasts, God’s Plan for Living and Thriving Christian Artist.

I also read his book, God’s Plan for Living. If you’re a Christian Artist I highly recommend it.

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