Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbor


When you get off the bus at the Peak you can’t see anything. You’re under a shopping center area and the scenery is non-existent. Thankfully the bus stop is very close to the good spots though.

Almost everyone heads up to the Peak Tower. It’s a fairly ugly monster of a building that has even more shops and restaurants. My friend characterized Hong Kong as one large interconnected shopping mall, and I think he’s on to something. At the top of the tower you’re presented with a magnificent view that’s completely unobstructed. But I didn’t go there. Why? Because that’s where EVERYONE goes. Instead, I went for Lugard road. It’s a walking path that is easily found just a bit to the left from the base of the Peak Tower. There’s three roads/paths right in that area as seen on the map below. The first one is Harlech Rd, that goes off to the left, then there’s Mount Austin Road which is in the center, and then Lugard Road heads off to the right. This is all at the end of Peak Road.

This shot is about a seven minute walk down Lugard Road. The road/path is mostly level though there is a slight incline to get out there, and most of the way the view is blocked by trees and other foliage.

This is a straight forward shot. I mounted the camera on a tripod and set the exposure for 10 seconds. It’s a panoramic shot meaning I took a few frames and then used Lightroom to stitch them together to make one seamless image. For me though, this image is all about the clouds. The buildings are nice and sharp, they are well lit, but except for the varying shapes and colors they are quite boring. The movement in the clouds, however, give this image a bit of interest though. I also like the play of light on the clouds with the varying intensity due to the different lighting designs of the buildings. This image shows the city just before an absolute deluge of rain, which I later found out was absolutely the norm for August. I knew it would rain and that I’d likely get good images because of it, but my goodness, I got a bit tired of all that water falling from the sky.