Loving our Neighbors

Positively affecting the livelihood of those around us.

I'm a big supporter of Humanitarian Projects

From 2007 – 2014 I participated in six short-term mission projects during my summer breaks. I love the work and wish I could do more.

While I’m always keeping my eyes open for more opportunities to serve, I’ve decided to support the good work that ADRA is doing. 

They work all over the world with offices and staff in 118 countries. According to their website they provide relief and development assistance to people, “regardless of their ethnicity, political affiliation, or religious association.”

They offer a gift catalog which allows donors to select where the funds will be used. I’ve chosen to support their Ukrainian Refugee Relief efforts.

Ukrainian Refugee Relief

10% of all monthly memberships at LPS will be donated to support war refugee efforts through 2022.

Animals are a great way to provide a family with a sustainable income.

The income produced can be used for food, medical care, and other living expenses.

Animals also provide much needed fertilizer for the family garden which improves their food supply.

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Humanitarian Support FAQs

I’ve always loved their work and have been inspired by the stories I’ve heard since I was a child. 

They are the humanitarian outreach organization of the church I’m a member of. The world-wide church, that is, with offices in Silver Spring, MD.

I have a very high degree of faith that they are not only doing good work, but that they are well managed and the money donated goes where they say it will go.

In short, no, they don’t.

The programs they fund serves people “regardless of race, gender, and political, or religious affiliation.”

As a standard NGO (non-governmental organization) it is not their purview to attach religious or spiritual restrictions on the work they do and the services and relief they provide.

It’s a one-way endorsement, you bet. I fully believe in the work they are doing and if you feel inspired to donate directly that’s just amazing!

However, this donation policy that I have here with LPS should not be construed in any way to be an endorsement of me or my services on the part of the organization.

As one who has recently acquired a farm I felt this program made sense. I just liked the idea of the opportunities this program provides people in these impoverished regions around the world.

However, I do reserve the right to select a different item from the gift catalog they offer, and as necessary, I’ll select a different charity to support if the need arises. 

You can rest assured I will only be supporting basic humanitarian charities with this policy I’ve created here. Updates will be made to this page as needed to keep you informed as to where the money is going.

Starting with sales happening in 2022, 10% of each sale of the Adventurer Program will be tallied and donated. Please note, I said this is based on total sales, not profits.

The goal will be to issue a donation every quarter. However, the following will apply:

  • Donations will be held over if less than $100 is to be donated.
  • If the $100 amount is not reached by December 31 of any given year, the donation will be made anyway regardless of amount.

I am unable to provide you with a tax-deductible receipt for the funds that I donate.

I reserve the right to cancel this donation program at any given time without notice. If I do so, it will only affect future funds. All collected funds that aren’t donated yet will still be donated.