Lens Diffraction, a closer look

Diffraction in a lens is not something we commonly think about when we’re starting out in photography. However, if your images are softer than you think they should be, it may not be your technique, but … Read more

Krak?w Pigeons

They’re Everywhere! One thing you always run in to when traveling to various cities is pigeons. While exploring Krakow, Poland, I came across these pigeons roosting on an iron fence. They were perfectly perched with … Read more

Crafting an image: The Tree

I went shooting at Steptoe Butte with my friend Nick Page and his photo tour group. We saw “the tree” from high above and Nick suggested we get down there for the sunset. So we drove about … Read more

Hanford B Reactor with Zeiss Lenses

Touring the Hanford B Reactor has been on my “to-do” list ever since they started the public tours some time ago. This is the place where the US government created the material that was used … Read more

Canon 100-400 version 2

The Canon 100-400 f/4.5?5.6L IS Mkii is a great lens to hold and to shoot. It’s a fairly versatile lens capable of great compressed landscapes, wildlife and other subjects where the reach is needed. This is not … Read more