Shooting Macro

The old clich? ?stop and smell the roses? certainly applies to macro photography. To get good results, you must slow down and be very methodical.I encourage you to take a moment, without a camera, to … Read more

Canadian Rockies Experience

Banff is gorgeous. Holy cow, it?s an amazing place. But let me annunciate extra clearly, it?s the National Park I?m talking about, not really the city. The city/town is certainly nice. But the region is … Read more

Special Project 2: Oblivion

Oblivion That?s the title I ended up giving this series. It was so fun to shoot, photographically and literally ? The idea was planted when I challenged my principles of photography class to do ?something … Read more

The Presence of Humanity

When I?m walking about I love to think about possibilities. ?What could be around that corner?? I might ask myself. Or through that doorway? The experience of discovery is one reason I love to travel … Read more