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Sigma 24-35 vs. Canon 24-70 field test


Sigma vs. Canon header graphic

Both lenses are top quality and they each have their loyal fans for sure. You might also be wondering what use is there in comparing lenses that are so different from each other. I hear ya. However, I view it as comparing the relatively new kid on the block (the Sigma) with something that already has a great reputation. Seeing how they match up at 24mm gives us a start in understanding how this new Sigma fits into the lineup of lenses.

I believe it will be helpful so you can judge for yourself what qualities you’re looking for in a lens, and which lens will give you the best bang for the buck for your needs.

As you can see from the results in the video the lenses have different strengths and weaknesses. Looking for something generally more sharp across the entire frame? Then the Sigma is for you. More concerned about central sharpness? Then maybe the Canon is for you. Of course, we can’t forget about the differences in zoom length and maximum aperture.
Until next time, Happy Shooting!